• StarTacular

    StarTacular - Located at the Pearl River Resort - Choctaw, Mississippi.

    Featuring a dazzling 360º exhibition of shooting fountains, kaleidoscopic lasers, billowing pyrotechnics and water screen projections.


    Air'n Art Designs created 3D fly-through demonstrations for site-line studies and presentation packages for Miziker Entertainment Group.

  • Video Wall

    Concept for an articulating video wall. Five screen units rotate along a circular track. Each video screen unit consists of 16  LCD flat-screens mounted in a concave arrangement on a boom arm which can tilt, extend and retract.

    FootLocker Video Wall - FootLocker Retail Outlet, New York

  • MGM Lion

    Created for Lester Creative for the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. 3D Animation is used to convey structural concepts.

    In this study, a fly-through is used to convey the experience of the finished venue.

    The lion and exterior elements were created in AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max and were compiled into Max.

    Here, the bar layout is studied...

  • Remodeling Preview

    Have you ever had a project, such as a remodel, where you wish you could see what it was going to look like before you went to the trouble and expense of building it?


    In the sequence of images below, that is exactly what we did.

    a) We took a photo of the proposed remodel location.

    b) We created the 3D model and positioned it in exactly the same position and perspective.

    c) We then took an image of that model and rendered it into the scene, using lighting and materials to best approximate what the finished remodel would look like.

    These three images show (from top to bottom):


    a) Photograph of the clients existing building.

    b) 3D Model

    c) Rendered model into scene


Air'n Art Designs has been commissioned, on several projects, to produce three-dimensional  "what-if" scenerios, fly-throughs, and sight-line studies for Themed Entertainment, product development, and architectural projects. Both real and proposed.


3D Visualization is made by creating an environment in a full three-dimensional computer model, using 3D CAD software. Adding light, texture, materials, atmosphere, and timing. It is then possible to see, with uncanny accuracy, what the final product will look like from any view-point. It allows producers, directors, art directors, as well as the end-client, to see and explore what the final product will be, and to make critical design decisions prior to any ground getting excavated, concrete being pored, or metal being cut. A tremendous time and financial resource savings.


Below are a few examples of this technique.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Graphic Artists Guild
Themed Entertainment Association
American Design Drafting Association
International Webmasters Association
National Association of Photoshop Professionals