Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“Technifex has made use of the services of Air'n Art Designs many times during our twenty five-plus year history. Aron demonstrated skills in a number of areas, including mechanical design, graphic design architectural interface and show set design. Aron is personable, he works well with others, he is reliable, diligent and detail oriented. He has exceptional abilities with AutoCad 3-D as well as Solidworks. He has always been a valued asset to Technifex, and we can unreservedly recommend him to anyone who may require his broad skills and services."


Good "Big-Picture" Thinker, Thorough

“Aron is one of the most talented designers I have worked with. This includes concept and technical design of show systems as well as graphic designs. The amazing thing about Aron is he is lightning fast, accurate, and detailed to the max! You will find that Aron is not just another CAD designer, nor does he allow for designs that can never be realized - he gets involved in the practical aspects of the design process because he really cares about his clients and the work he produces for them.”


Thinks Outside the Box, Experienced

“Aron is one of the best designers of entertainment systems that I have worked with. He has expert knowledge of AutoCad and SolidWorks. For any future work that I do, Aron will be one of the first people I will call to build my team.”


Knowledgeable and Versatile

"Aron Lasky is a talented, resourceful designer with years of experience in the themed entertainment industry.

During his tenure with Technifex, Aron has proven to be knowledgeable and versatile in skill and conscientious in his duties. From concept development, to design, through to production. Aron has proven an acumen for his position here as Senior Mechanical Designer. He has been invaluable as a computer technician and artist and has even helped to train many of our employees with his extensive knowledge in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Windows, Office, and many other applications.

Aron has proven himself time after time in lead positions to have excellent leadership skills as well as the ability to follow through on direction.

I am confident that Aron Lasky will make an excellent addition to any design team."



Good Ethics, Wonderful Results, Easy to Work With

“After interviewing several designers, I chose to work with Air'n Art Designs for my business design needs. I have high regard for his ability to quickly understand a creative concept and to anticipate any challenge it may present for practical application. Aron delivers timely and accurate renditions of exactly what I envision, along with samples of additional creative ideas and alternate workable solutions. He is easy to work with, is knowledgeable regarding the needs of my business channel, and keeps his word on delivery deadlines. Aron's talents are a proven asset to my business team.”


Highly knowledgeable, Experienced

“In my work experience I don't think I've seen anyone that has such a high level of dedication to the projects he was working on as I've seen in Mr Lasky. Aron is an extremely talented designer with a terrific ability to solve challenging design problems in a simple and practical manner. It was a pleasure to work on the same team as him. I highly recommend Aron to anyone in search of a highly knowledgeable, experienced, and exceptionally talented mechanical designer.”


Exceeded My Expectations

"As a CAD department manager, rarely do I encounter someone with all the skills necessary for the unique work we do here at Walt Disney Imagineering. Yet, in Mr. Lasky, I have had the privilege of finding just such a person, and so much more!

Not only has Mr. Lasky met, and exceeded, my expectations, but he has brought to the partnership such an absolute wealth of experience and knowledge of 3D CAD systems, mechanical systems, special effects, manufacturing techniques and considerations,  I doubt I will easily find his caliber again. It pains me to lose him to simple scheduling issues.

Mr. Lasky has always exhibited the finest moral character, and handles the task at hand with diligence and dedication.

A consummate team-player, he is more than capable in independent or design-lead positions and is well liked and respected by those around him.

Mr. Lasky will make a phenomenal addition to any design team. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a highly-qualified, competent, and intelligent designer."



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